sophistikaty | local liaison

profile profileI pursue, support and tell stories about ventures in development and stewardship of globally-conscious, locally-focused networks of human, physical, and liquid capital based in Washington, DC. I am a systems builder and a solution-focused, broad-scale economist. I enjoy analyzing, building, and managing resource structures to allow them to bear the best possible fruit for the strengthening and enrichment of lives and thereby economies.

My most distinguished accomplishments are the  intellectual, logistic, inter-organizational, design concept, and personal partnerships I’ve developed. Take a look at my portfolio and partner profiles and contact me using the form below if you’re interested in discussing collaboration with any of my partners, one of the following consulting services, or have any thoughts to share.

  • Website Development
  • Technology Solutions
  • Visual Design
  • Content Contribution (Written, Visual, Video)
  • Social Media & Online Presence Streamlining, Strengthening
  • Strategic Analysis- Strengths, Avenues & Scaling
  • Event Planning & Execution
  • Strategic Relationship Engagement

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